Stick Trinity Online

I love fighting. So, I love Stick Trinity a lot. This game is available in four modes and you have to kill the stick men coming towards your to kill you. You have to fight with them and have to win the game. They are lot in number so it is a challenge to win the game. But you are also equipped with the special abilities and have to beware of the life you have. More you strike by them more your chance to lose life and game. In the end of the game you will have interaction with the boss that has some special ability.

Stick Trinity Online

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Decorate your Nails Online

I like decorating nails a lot. I like experimenting with them .But it is not possible to every time experiments with my nails actually because sometimes it looks weird. So I choose styling my nails online, that makes me to experiment online. Which color will suits me more and with which combination. It gives you wide variety of options and lots of accessories. Use tools and stickers that suit you well and give you a better look in this modern world. You can do lots of nail art which is high in demand and pursue your interest in it.

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Racer Online

I love doing racing all around in the fresh air. Rural racing is my favorite game that has a countryside racing look and have some unique features. It is a small race game that you can enjoy with your friends as the edge of the city. Just to complete race as early as possible to win the race. More you stay away with the walls and go with the great inclined roads smoothly more the chances of winning the game. Use your instinct so that you better use the charged and limited turbo in time so that you can accelerate yourself better.
Racer Online


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Peak the Solitaire

I love to play cards and I love to play with Tri Peaks Solitaire .It is a unique games with your classic cards online. You have to raise yourself to the peak of you will lose the game. It is a matching game of cards as from the deck of the cards you have to one card open. Just match the card with the type of the card like heart or anything and the number like ace. Just try to end cards above as soon as possible. The game ends when u doesn’t have any card left under the crown. This is the game of luck and chance.

Peak the Solitaire

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Death in race

Just start race in the extreme weathers with your opponents and ride your bike with great skills they win the race. Death game  has extreme way to run bike and don’t fall on the hole. Use your skills with keys to be in the race and win with a good margin. You can use keys to power up the bike and run it hard. But don’t use the power up uselessly as it is limited and it can turn your bike to such angle that you knock down your head to the ground. I played that game so many times and never feel bored.

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Park the car

I love playing Scary Night Parking  game that has the unique features that make you feel exiting. It has car that you have to park in the designed place without striking the wall and of course in the limited time. Its audio is also unique and scary. I like this game very much. So start paring your now otherwise you will scared by the ghosts that impatient and will come as soon you cross the limit of the game . Its graphics is also scary that excites you more. Faster and safer you reach easy to get the good score.

Park the car

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Invention of online racing games

We all enjoy racing games a lot but do any one of you really know when these games were born and who invented these games. Today, I will tell you about the great people due to whom we enjoy racing games today.  The racing games were born in 1973 by  Atari’s space race where a space themed Arcade games was designed. In this game spaceships were controlled by players. They played a competition where they had to win the race without comets and meteors.

Online Racing Games

After this there was no looking back. And invention of internet exploded the racing game market. After that we have seen several interesting racing games like Ben 10 milk truck.

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Playing Online Racing Games help in real life too

Are you a fan of Online Racing Games? Have you ever thought that they help you understand the traffic rules of real world in a better way? Well, you are right. Now science is ready to back up your thoughts.  According to a research from NT University, Singapore playing racing games like  Snow Driver can help you grasp the traffic rules faster. Not only this but there are several other studies which have found out that those who play online racing games tend to learn traffic rules faster than those who don’t play online racing games.


Online Racing Games

Racing Games Online

According to researchers: “ many previous studies have already reported that regular online games can improve your cognitive skills, but this is the first  time a study has compared multiple video and flash games in a single study to show that different skills can be improved by playing different games.”

So next time when one of your friend or family member want to learn driving or going for a driving test to get driver’s license you should inform them about the benefits of online racing games. You should also reccomend for best racing games online available on internet. A non-gamer can play onine racing games for 1-2 months regularly to learn so that he or she can grasp the traffic rules of real world better.

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